Can Cannabis really be used for medicine? Is it legal? Has it proven any effectiveness?

With the legalization of cannabis across Canada, scientists, researchers, doctors and the public have questions about it’s application in the field of medicine.

Is it legal?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that effective as of the 17th of October 2018, weed would be legal. Canada became the second nation after Uruguay to legalize cannabis. There were various questions and concerns among the public as well as the medical community and scholars about its addictiveness, and in which conditions it could be useful.

How does it work?

Cannabis, commonly called weed or marijuana, The flowers, more commonly called buds, are covered in glandular heads. These clear heads are called “trichomes”, and are packed full of more than 100 chemical compounds, called “cannabinoids”. When ingested or inhaled, these compounds bind to specific receptors in brain and nerve cells. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most famous of the cannabinoids. It causes the “high” after you smoke, vape or eat marijuana. Whereas, CBD (cannabidiol), another well-known cannabinoid, is “non-psychoactive”. This means that patients report very little, if any, alteration to their mental state of mind.


Patients did, however, report many benefits of CBD, such as the ability to calm anxiety, help treat chronic pain, and combat insomnia. There are countless anecdotal accounts of CBD working as a magical medicine with all hope lost. You can find several of them through a quick google search. There are some extraordinary cases. One is a story of a girl named Charlotte who’s rare form of epilepsy completely cured through the use of CBD oil.

Is it addictive?

In comparison to other forms of pain medicine, marijuana is far less addictive. In fact, it is impossible to overdose through using cannabis. You would have to smoke 20-40,000 joints, or ingest 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes to reach a lethal limit. Using cannabis instead of NSAIDs such as Aleve or Advil is a great alternative. That’s becauase marijuana does not affect the liver, kidneys, or other vital organs. It also won’t give you ulcers or GERD.

Some studies have shown and patients have reported that cannabis is a good option to help battle the pain of multiple sclerosis and general nerve pain. When taken in smaller, manageable doses, cannabis does not overly sedate patients. This allows them to regain control of their daily activities without feeling too medicated. Cannabis also proves to be a fantastic muscle relaxant, with some success in treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It can assist managing nausea, weight loss, and can also be used to treat glaucoma. The medical applications of cannabis are not fully documented because it has been illegal for almost a century. Now that cannabis is finally legal across Canada, there will finally be more research. Let’s study how cannabis interacts with the body, and how to best maximize its use in a medical setting.

Who should I talk to?

Talk to your doctor about cannabis use. You can be open with your doctor about you cannabis use for two reasons: one, you have confidentiality with your doctor, and two, it is now legal to use cannabis in Canada the same way it is legal to consume alcohol. It’s also a great idea to talk to family and friends to get more information.

With the majority of the community embracing the use of marijuana as medicine, it’s high time for doctors to accept the fact that many patients are benefiting from it. There may not be any medical proofs to this fact yet, there has been enough anecdotal evidence and countless experiences to back up the truth: cannabis is medicine.

Mail Order Marijuana. Do You Have Questions?

Mail Order Marijuana. Do You Have Questions?

Yes, recreational weed is now legal across Canada, but how do you buy it? Is it safe to purchase mail order marijuana online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep? Is ordering online and receiving it through the mail even legal? It is totally legitimate for these questions to trouble you, especially if you’ve never placed an order with a mail order marijuana company before!

Don’t jump to conclusions or make any quick decisions. Educate yourself! The following guide helps you navigate the world of mail order marijuana. We are also going to give you some tips and tricks on ordering marijuana online, and having it delivered to you safely.

Mail Order Marijuana in Common in Canada

As of October 17th, 2018, cannabis became legal. Every person of legal age in their province is now able to legally purchase marijuana. The problem is, there are not enough legal retail cannabis stores for all communities to access across the provinces. As a result, mail order marijuana from online dispensaries is the only option people have to access quality cannabis.

Mail Order Marijuana is Safe

The company in charge of delivering mail order marijuana products to your address is Canada Post. This is not an entirely new challenge for Canada Post. The company has been delivering medical cannabis for many years now.

Discreet packages are sent with Canada Post through XpressPost mail service, which means it takes 2-3 business days from when the package is sent to reach the destination. In some remote towns and the Canadian Territories, packages may take some extra time to reach you. We’re sure you’re used to that!

All reputable mail order marijuana sites that use a mailing service provide tracking numbers to help ensure safe deliveries. The receiver can track a package and pinpoint its location while it’s in Canada Post’s delivery network. Make sure to get a tracking number! If a company will not provide a tracking number, that is certainly a reason to be suspicious. Without the tracking number, you can’t locate the package if it gets lost in the mail.

If you’re ordering from a local delivery service, the service will be way faster! Companies like DashDub deliver cannabis to your doorstep within hours of placing an order. One of the reasons DashDub is unique among these delivery services is because it has local delivery services available in several major cities across Canada. Another reason it is special is all of the product is sourced from British Columbia, famous across Canada for top quality cannabis.

Tips on Mail Order Marijuana in Canada

Using Canadian mail order marijuana services is very easy. Online dispensaries resemble the standard e-commerce websites you use every day. Many of them used to be your favourite dispensary, but they had to shift online when legal cannabis stores were implemented. Many of them are online stores created through using WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace. You will not find any cannabis on Amazon or Shopify platforms.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. Most reputable websites have a chat window on the bottom of the screen. Use this to talk to a representative and ask about products, processes and other details. Take advantage of this option. Inform yourself about the cannabis products you might buy.

Another great tip is to have an government issued photo ID with you when a package arrives. Canada Post’s policy requires ID if the receiver appears to be younger than 25 years old. Weed delivery services will want proof you are of legal age to buy weed. Proof of age is not something to argue about. Make sure to have your ID with you to make the process smooth and easy. It’s just like ordering an alcoholic drink at a restaurant.

Most mail order marijuana companies that use Canada Post require a signature to drop the package. Use the tracking number to track  packages and make sure you’re home for the delivery. If you miss the delivery, they will bring the package to the closest Canada Post office. You will have to go pick it up there. Always make sure you bring government issued photo identification.

Finding the Best Mail Order Marijuana Website in Canada

You can wander the internet and browse on your own, but we already know where you’ll end up. Do you want buying weed online to be mobile friendly,  easy to navigate and convenient? Do you want a wide selection of products at great prices? Are you looking for fast response and a quick delivery? Look no further. An excellent example of this kind of service is DashDub.

First, on the home page you choose your city. Then, you are shown all products available in your region. Lots of great products are featured in each region across Canada. Products range from a variety of flowers and concentrates to edibles and accessories. Fresh product is brought in from BC every week.

Legalization of recreational marijuana use is very new. It’s vital to educate yourself about the ins and outs of Canadian mail order marijuana services. Ordering online is the best way to get great selection or quality. Hopefully, the tips we shared with you will help you gain the courage to place your first online marijuana order!

DashDub is a synonym for high quality, quick response, and fast online cannabis delivery.

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