How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll a Joint

This blog post, How to Roll a Joint, explores the basics of rolling joints. When you are finished reading this article you will be equipped with all the information you need to become a better joint roller than you are now. If you’ve never rolled one before, hopefully you’ll give it a try after reading! As someone who smokes weed, knowing how to roll a joint is an integral part of the culture. You will feel satisfied every time you roll a nice joint, there’s nothing quite like it! Your friends will rely on you to roll the joints because “yours burns so nicely”, and during your smoking sessions you will be showered with compliments. There is one specific rolling hack we will share with you, and also explain how to personalize your joint rolling setup.

You will need three things in your quest for joint rolling supremacy.

    1. Practice.
    2. Personalized supplies.
    3. A joint rolling hack.
1. Practice.

As with all things that are worth knowing, practice makes perfect. You’re here seeking out the perfect joint, and there is no way around practicing. But worry not, you don’t need to get in ten thousand hours to roll a good joint, because at the end of the day, it’s a fairly simple motor skill. Roll thirty to fifty joints and you’ll be ready. Roll over a hundred, and you’ll start getting really good. When you start to lose count of the number of books of papers you go through, then, and only then, will you have achieved full mastery status. You better love the process people, so always remember, practice makes perfect.

2. Personalize Your Supplies.

When it comes to rolling the perfect joint, it’s like shooting a free-throw in basketball, or a tennis serve. It’s a repetitive skill that all comes down to routine. Personalize your preferences. Shaq didn’t throw free throws the same way as Kobe. Take the time to choose your favourite rolling papers, filter tips and grinder. Use them routinely to become comfortable. If you keep changing your supplies you’ll still get better, albeit at a slower rate. For example, you could exclusively use Raw 1 + 1/4 Papers with perforated Elements Filter Tips, and use a black top Sharpstone grinder, over a full size, custom Raw Rolling Tray. On the other hand, your good friend exclusively uses OCB King Size Thin Papers with perforated Raw Filter Tips in a red top SpaceCase grinder, over a vintage rolling tray he picked up in France. Both examples may love smoking lots of weed, and both roll excellent joints, but the setups are different. It’s all about your preferences, people! Customize!

Finding your favourite papers

This is the biggest point to customization. There are so many options! Do you like thin papers like OCB’s, or are you an old school smoker that prefers thick papers like Rolling or Players brand? There are rice, hemp or corn papers to choose from. Bleached or unbleached? Flavoured, or natural? Some of the most famous and widely used rolling paper brands are RAW, Zig Zags, Elements, OCB’s, Smoking, Pure Hemp, or Rizla. Then you have your niche papers, like the ones that come with a wire inside them (they suck, trust us), or clear rolling papers made of cellophane, or 24K Gold papers (pretty pricey as they are actually coated in real gold). The possibilities are endless, and that is awesome because rolling papers are pretty cheap. You should test out as many as you can before you settle on one.

rolling papers

Use rolling tips

Raw, Element, and OCB all make them, as well as many others. Just make sure you don’t buy actual cigarette tips. They don’t let enough smoke through for a cannabis joint, it’s meant to filter harsher tobacco.
Why should you use rolling tips? Consistency. Sure, you can use random bits from some old business cards, but each time it will be a different size and length, which will definitely impact your end result. It all starts with the filter. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, take someone’s pack of papers and rip off a piece of the booklet to use for your garbage filter. We’d rather you didn’t use one at all. For those who roll joints on the daily, you have to understand that they have a close relationship with the supplies they use. You wouldn’t borrow a friend’s shoes only to rip out the laces and use them to hold your pants up cause you forgot to wear a belt today. Plan ahead with filter tips. Also, pro tip: there are re-usable glass filter tips as well for the bougie smoker.

Use a grinder

Old school smokers claim scissors and your fingers are the best way to break up bud. It may be nostalgic but it is certainly not efficient. These are usually the same people that claim weed was better in the 60’s. Just so we’re all on the same page, this is what the best weed in the 70’s looked like, featured in High Times Magazine:

high times 70s

Titanium grinders work like fifty scissors at once, so do yourself a favour and make a one time, thirty dollar investment in good grinder. Space Case and Sharpstone are two of the best brands, but again, there are so many options out there to choose from. Just make sure it’s made of titanium, not an “alloy”. Don’t use plastic grinders either, you don’t want to be smoking little bits of plastic when it starts to break down.

At the end of the day, when it comes to rolling joints, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to roll up big chunks.. Save that for the pipe or the bong. When trying to rollbig chunks, many bad things can happen. You’ll be up at the cottage and a piece of a stem will puncture your last and only paper. You’ll be absolutely steaming with frustration. Who wouldn’t want to avoid that? You’ll go to ash your joint after using your last and only match and the whole cherry will fall out. Maybe you’ve got a backup fire source, but what if it’s windy? No one likes lighting a joint a million times. There will be extra air spaces between the flower, make the burn uneven and allowing the paper to burn much quicker than the weed inside. The main point here is: get yourself a titanium grinder!

Cop a stash box

To really up your game, buy a stash box. You can find some pretty neat stuff on Amazon or in local head shops. Having a rolling kit is definitely a good look, and as you advance in your skill level you will want to customize your kit in the way that makes the most sense for you. Hot tips for when you’re browsing: the best way to store weed is in UV protected glass, and also make sure the stash box is big enough to fit your grinder, papers, filter tips and of course, your weed!

3. Big Joint Rolling Hack:  FILTER IN joint at start of roll.

Do not try to wrangle the filter into the joint after you’ve already rolled it. Problems may arise. The filter might fall out when you pass it, and the joint definitely won’t look smooth, it’ll be all bumpy and uneven. After you’ve packed the weed in and you start to roll the joint, tuck the corner of the paper behind the filter paper, and then spin it tightly around that point. Finish the roll and you will end with a perfect cone shape. Lick only the corner of the paper, around the filter. Don’t like the entire edge of the lick strip. Why? That can cause “canoeing”, an uneven burn effect that results from a part of the joint being wetter than the rest. This causes the wet part to burn slower. We don’t want that!

To summarize:

    1. Roll that joint with the filter in.
    2. Roll the joint tightly around the filter.
    3. Lick only the final corner of the lick strip, where the lick strip meets the filter.

Now you are ready to embark upon your own rolling experience. Have fun!

A Brief History of Kush

A Brief History of Kush

What does kush mean?

Kush is a word used generally to describe “indica” weed. It is used in a general sense by most people, who don’t really understand the history behind it. Most people think of kush when cannabis has a strong, sweet earthy scent, or if the weed is really potent. In this blog post, we will start with a short history lesson, and then tie the origins of kush to it’s current meaning and use in the modern world cannabis.

It all started with Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a famous landrace cannabis strain named after the mountain range it originated. A landrace strain is a cannabis strain native to a certain geographic area. The pure genetics that have not been subjected to any cross pollination from other strains. This means that the genetics are nearly unaltered, and truly represent the area of the world which they populate.

Over the many (probably thousands) of years that cannabis grew in the region, the harsh climate of the steep mountain slopes encouraged the plants to adapt. Their structure evolved to be squat and bushy to resist wind and the elements, with thick, broad leaves to soak up as much sun at possible. Covering the flowers, leaves and stems, the plants also evolved to have thicker coats of protective resin. The higher concentration of trichomes on the plant lead to higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids.

The Hindu Kush is an 800 kilometre mountain range that runs from central Afghanistan through northern Pakistan, and into Tajikistan.

Pioneer hash makers

The people who lived in the areas surrounding the Hindu Kush have been familiar with these plants for a long time. Afghanistan and Pakistan are globally famous for their ancient hash making techniques. They were some of the first people on the planet to create procedures and methods to separate the glistening trichomes from the rest of the plant material. These ancient hash makers were pioneers of cannabis extraction. They did it mostly with their hands, and certainly not with any of the advanced extraction technology that we have today.

The original “indica” strain was Hindu Kush

Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist, was the first to officially identify cannabis as cannabis sativa. The plants that he studied were from warmer regions, and were tall with light green, thin leaves. French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck later argued that other cannabis plants are squat, with darker green, broad leaves. This is where cannabis indica was introduced. Lamarck was studying plants from northern India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the Hindu Kush strain was thriving and prevalent. This means that Hindu Kush is truly the essence of what indica really means.

When did Hindu Kush come to North America?

Hindu Kush was first taken to America in the mid-to-late 1970’s. Its remarkable resin production and resilience to harsh climates made it extremely popular among growers, smokers, and of course breeders. Hindu Kush was cross-bred with so many strains over the years. It is one of the grandfathers of modern cannabis strains, most notably breeding with an American strain to create OG Kush.

Can I still get it today?

Today Hindu Kush is still readily available and seeds are available from many different seed companies, like Sensi Seeds, Seed Kings, Seedsman, Dutch Seed Shop and many others. Of course as a result, it is also available online, with delivery services, and in dispensaries and coffee shops worldwide. It is a favourite for cannabis users across the globe, and has been a staple on the indica shelf for many years.

What are some other kush strains?

Thanks to the Hindu Kush mountain range, the word kush is now woven into the fabric of cannabis strains. Pink Kush, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, Master Kush, RockStar Kush, Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush. If you’re an indica lover, we bet you’ve spotted a few of your favourite strains on that list. Prolific cannabis users always seem to turn to kush for its knockout potency and classical taste of sweet gas and earth.

In conclusion

And now we conclude A Brief History of Kush. You are now equipped with a better understand of what the term kush really means. Next time you go shopping for weed, whether it’s in person, through an online weed delivery service or a mail order marijuana website, you’ll be able to better understand the indica section.

Happy smoking.

Fun Facts

Fun fact #1: Kingdom of Kush

Historically, there was actually a Kingdom of Kush. It was an ancient African kingdom, located in the southern Nile, where Egypt meets Nubia. The kingdom began in 785 BC, after the end of the New Kingdom of Egypt, in the late Bronze Age. The Kushite era lasted for almost 400 years, from essentially the start of the Iron Age to Late Antiquity.

Fun fact #2: Hindu Kush means Hindu Killer

According to one interpretation of the word, Hindu Kush actually means Hindu Killer. It refers to a time when Indian slaves were taken through the Himalayas to Central Asia. Many slaves died on the journey from the harsh weather that ravaged the Hindu Kush mountain range. Perhaps this is another reason the term kush seemed to stick so well in terms of cannabis. When you say, “what was that we just smoked?” And the answer is “that was kush”, the answer means “that was killer!” What a great fit.

A Guide to THC Tolerance

A Guide to THC Tolerance

How does THC actually get you “high”?

THC is a molecular compound called a cannabinoid. It interacts within the body with a system called the endocannabinoid system. When it enters the bloodstream through the lungs or digestion, it activates the CB1 receptor, which is the part in the brain that stimulates intoxication.

Brain scans portraying the prefrontal cortex have shown increased blood flow when exposed to THC. The prefrontal cortex regulates attention, decisions, and motor skills. Depending on your tolerance to THC, these functions may be affected to different degrees.

Is it the same for everybody?

The quick answer to this is, no. The effects of THC vary in strength based on what is called your tolerance level. If you have any experience consuming alcohol, it is a similar phenomenon. Some people feel the effects quicker and more heavily, and for others the effects are slow on the uptake and don’t last as long. It’s a completely subjective experience and the only real way to know is to try it yourself. Just make sure to start low and go slow.

How do I know in advance what my THC tolerance level is?

Tolerance level is normally based on frequency of use. For example, if you smoke three joints each day, you will have a much higher tolerance than someone who smokes three joints each year. Using the comparison to alcohol again, the individual who drinks once every three months will have a much lower tolerance to the one who drinks heavily three time a week.

In some cases, which are more rare, some people are naturally resistant to the effects of THC. Some people will say, yeah I’ve tried smoking weed before, but I didn’t feel anything. Although this is uncommon, it still is possible. However, it is also possible that the individual didn’t properly inhale, or had too small of a dose to feel the effects properly. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system, so feeling the effects is really a matter of consuming the correct dose for you.

Lower tolerance to a substance means that you will feel the effects more strongly. There are pros and cons to this. The pros are you will need to spend less money and consume less of the substance to feel the effects. The negative side is it is easier to overdo it, consuming too much and getting too high. In the world of cannabis consumption, this is often called “greening out”.

What is “Greening Out”?

A Green Out is when you consume too much cannabis too quickly and the effects are overwhelming. You may experience strong anxiety, intense sensory awareness, and a loss of conception of time. The effects are felt to such a high degree that sometimes people turn a little green in the face. As a result, paired with the slang “green” for cannabis, the term Green Out was born.

You may have experienced this yourself, or seen a friend in this position. Often, the result is someone locking themselves in the bathroom, or leaving the party early to sprint home to safety.

If you’re greening out, a good thing to remember is that you’re going to be fine. Keep reminding yourself that the high will eventually fade and you’ll feel completely normal after a few hours. Worst comes to worst, you’ll go to sleep stoned, but you’ll wake up feeling normal again. If the hazy, smouldering effects are still there in the morning, it’s nothing a good espresso or some tea won’t fix.

Ok, I’m too high. How do I stop feeling this way?

The easiest answer to this is time. Ride it out, my friend. But, if you’re feeling too overwhelmed and uncomfortable, here are some things you can do to bring yourself down back to Earth.

Meditate with breathing

  • Often people who are greening out think they are going to have a heart attack because their heart it beating so quickly as a result of so much stimulation.
  • A great way to lower your heart beat is to sit in one place, stop moving and focus on your breathing.
  • Take 30 deep breaths, inhaling for 7 seconds, holding for 3 second, and exhaling for 7 seconds. This will slow your heart rate as well as calm you down

Eat some food

  • Indulge your frenetic need for munchies. Eating a bunch of food will also help you relax, while also giving your active mind something to focus on.
  • If you eat foods that are high in fat, remember one thing: cannabinoids bind to fat molecules. If you want to lessen your high, stay away from fatty foods, and indulge in some citrus fruits or vitamin C tablets.
  • A trick that works for some is sniff some black peppercorns. Many users swear by this.

Have a shower or a bath

  • Having a shower or a bath will give you something solitary to do that is distracting, yet a calming experience.
  • Having a shower is a routine that everyone is used to, and it’s normalizing. It will help to remind you that you are still capable of doing normal human things.
  • Throw in some epsom salts into your bath to bring the experience to the next level.


  • Drinking water will help you calm down and relax. It’s important to stay hydrated at all times.
  • Sometimes when you’re really stoned, some relief for cottonmouth is all you need to calm down. Keep some water in your backpack, side bag or purse. Be prepared to battle cottonmouth!

Go to sleep

  • Time is the best way to break your cannabis high. Remember, you’ll feel normal in the morning, or after a good solid nap.
  • If you’re finding it difficult to sleep because of increasing anxiety, take a look back at step #1. Focus on your breathing and take some time to meditate.
  • At this point, you’re completely safe in the castle of your pillows and blankets. Don’t worry, you’re not going to die. Of the millions of people who have greened out before you, not a single one has died in their bed.

Hopefully A Guide to THC Tolerance will help you make decisions about dosing moving forward. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, leave us a comment in the comments section and we will do our best to provide you with more information!

Cannabis and Anxiety

Cannabis and Anxiety

I’m prone to anxiety. How do I get high?

Since legalization and even before, let’s face it. Lots of people are getting high. Many people enjoy the effects of cannabis, and others do not. It’s very similar to alcohol this way, in that it is a very subjective experience.

I get anxious, so I don’t smoke

Many people who suffer from anxiety tend to stay away from cannabis because they’ve heard that they should, and that when they smoke they will get anxious and maybe even panic. Although this is true in some cases, some people who suffer from anxiety can benefit greatly from using cannabis. So how do we navigate the landscape?

The four steps of pharmacokinetics

First, let’s discuss how it actually works. Why do you get high at all? This process is called pharmacokinetics. There are four steps to this process: absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination.

  1. When you smoke weed, THCA is converted into THC and ‘activated’. THC is absorbed into your bloodstream within minutes of smoking at concentrations of 10-30%.
After it enters the bloodstream, where does it go? THC is very lipophilic. This means it likes fatty tissues. With any chronic use of cannabis, THC is distributed among these tissues. This is how regular smokers test positive for THC in their body even after 4 weeks of non-use.
  3. People who take medications should consult their doctors before trying cannabis products. This is because THC is metabolized mainly within the liver, like most things. It recruits hepatic enzymes to help with the metabolism, but this can potentially leave your other medication with fewer enzymes to metabolize them. There has been cases where interaction between metabolizing Prozac and THC resulted in mania.
  4. THC remains in the blood for 6 minutes up to 22 hours, after which it is eliminated. You might wonder why your high lasts for so long after that 6 minute period. Here is a video that can help to explain.

Cannabis and Anxiety

The common question: I get anxious smoking weed sometimes. Other times I have an awesome time. Why?

Cannabis and Anxiety
Cannabis and Anxiety

It differs person to person

When it comes to smoking weed, one of the most common things people complain about is anxiety. Sometimes, the psychotropic effects of cannabis can really mess with your head. Some people can smoke endless amounts and still be as chill as a cucumber. Others take one toke and think their heart is going to beat itself out of their chests and they’re going to die. So, what’s the difference? Why do some people react this way and others don’t?

Not enough science behind it, yet

Unfortunately, because of limited studies on illegal substances, scientists have long been banned from studying the effects of cannabis on people. Hopefully with legalization in full swing more concrete research will emerge. In the meantime, there are endless accounts of anecdotal evidence in this budding industry (pun intended), so let’s take a look at those.

Cannabis and Science
Cannabis and Science

Look for CBD-rich strains

If you are prone to anxiety, remember that CBD tempers the psychoactive effects of THC. Strains that have a high CBD content are often described as relaxing, calm, mellow and chill.

Why aren’t there more CBD strains?

The black market has long cultivated THC-rich strains, always selected the more THC heavy phenotypes to breed with one another. It was simply a product of supply and demand. Usually, people buying weed are looking for the “strongest”, “heaviest” or “most potent” strains. When the medicinal cannabis market emerged, there became a need for CBD-rich or CBD-only strains. Patients didn’t always require the pulsing THC highs for their medicine. They were more interested in the therapeutic, calming effects of CBD. Since this time, cultivators have specifically attempted to grow strains rich in CBD.

Some famous CBD strains

Some famous CBD strains to look for are Cannatonic, Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, Sour Tsunami and Pennywise.

High CBD Strains
High CBD Strains

If there are no CBD strain options, choose an indica over a sativa

If you have anxious tendencies, seek out indica strains if you can’t find any CBD strains. Indica strains generally tend to have a higher CBD content than sativas. Usually, indicas generate sedative and relaxing effects that are felt mostly in the body over the mind.

Stay away from hazes

People who suffer from anxiety should normally steer clear of any strain with the name “Haze” in it. Hazes tend to have very potent cerebral effects that can be disorientating or mildly psychedelic. Some examples are Super Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, Original Haze, Neville’s Haze, Lemon Haze and Silver Haze.

Try low dose edibles

If all you can see on the shelf are hazes and sativa, first thing to do is find a new place to buy weed. In the meantime, you can try some low dose edibles. Edibles have effects felt mostly in the body, and not the mind. At higher doses edibles can be debilitating, but in small doses you will experience a happy full body buzz, while maintaining a clear and alert mind.

Low Dose Edibles
Low Dose Edibles

Now get out there!

Now you are equipped with more information to safely consume cannabis. If you suffer from anxiety, it doesn’t mean cannabis is completely off limits for you. Always remember, start low and go slow. Once you can understand how your body reacts to different strains and different doses, you will be able to consume cannabis safely, and maybe it will even help your anxiety!

5 Popular Weed Strains

5 Popular Weed Strains

Here at DashDub, we have compiled a list of 5 famous and popular cannabis strains to help you start to expand your strain knowledge.

Pay attention to the genetics!

If you want to become an informed cannabis user, one of the best ways is to pay attention to strain details. As you eventually make your way through different strains, you will start recognizing the ones you liked. Then you can start tracing the genetics to determine the likelihood of you enjoying a strain. For example, let’s say you’re a huge fan of Haze. There’s a high chance you will also like hybrid strains crossed with Haze. Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Ghost Train Haze and Silver Haze might be your new favourite!

What’s up with the indica and sativa thing?

When you start really looking at strain genetics, you quickly realize that the indica | sativa dichotomy is outdated and false. Cannabis indica literally means “cannabis from India” and was a term created to describe squat, hardy, quick-flowering plants found in northern India. Cannabis sativa means “cultivated cannabis”. If taken literally, this term applies to all the cannabis you’ve ever smoked. Over the decades, these two terms started to represent a spectrum relating more to effects than to plant structure. Indica was connected to the sedative, relaxed body stone, while sativa referred to energetic, buzzing mental highs. We still tend to use the two terms because the public is still connected to the meanings.

The more that you learn about cannabis strains, the more you realize it’s all in the genetics. So chase them! Find your favourites, and track down the whole family!

Blue Dream

Blue Dream
Blue Dream

Genetics: Blueberry x Haze

Blue Dream has become one of the planets most popular strains. This bomb sativa dominant hybrid strain emerged out of America’s weed haven, the west coast of California. Ever since it hit the market, it’s been flying off shelves and blowing people away. It has won many cannabis awards in flower and extract form. The terpene profile and flavours of Blue Dream is what keeps people coming back, time and time again.

Sometimes when you cross breed two strains with opposite effects, you create a hybrid that displays the best of both worlds. Blue Dream is a perfect example of this. The effects are calm yet energizing, creative yet calculative, and just balanced in general. It’s a great strain for social engagement, or creative pursuits. Furthermore, Blue Dream is a super for daytime use and excellent as a wake and bake strain.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze
Super Lemon Haze

Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze by Green House Seeds

Super Lemon Haze is one of the most famous sativa strains out there. Super Lemon Haze is a marriage of two heavyweights, Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It’s triangular buds exhibit bright orange hairs and are covered in blankets of trichomes. And yes, it really smells like lemons. However, it also carries pungent piney skunk undertones.

The terpene profile bursts with a terpene called limonene, providing Super Lemon Haze with its citrus scent. That presence of this terpene in high quantities seems to always prelude a giggly, euphoric, uplifting and happy experience.

This is a perfect day time strain. You may not want to smoke this too late at night, because its energizing and mentally charged effects may keep you up. This strain is excellent for creative pursuits like playing music, doing visual art or writing.



Genetics: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbet

Gelato is a herald of the new school of strains! As cannabis has become legal in more than half the states in the US and federally in Canada, there has been an explosion of new strain genetics. Most notably there has been some incredible breeding coming out of California. One of Cali’s most famous seed companies is called Cookie Fam Genetics, and Gelato is one of their most popular creations from the last few years.

Gelato is a genetic cross of a special Girl Scout Cookies phenotype called Thin Mint Cookies with Sunset Sherbet. The terpene profile is reminiscent of cake batter and cream, and the flowers are often a deep purple. Gelato tends to always be coated in a sparkling layer of trichomes.

The powerful yet even-handed effects of this strain are excellent for an afternoon or evening session. It’s certainly a dessert, and the lazy effects will have you stretched out on the nearest couch in no time.

Death Bubba

Death Bubba
Death Bubba

Genetics: Bubba Kush

Death Bubba seems to be uniquely famous among Canadians. Although it has certainly made its way across the globe, Death Bubba gets the most love here in Canada. This Vancouver born Bubba Kush phenotype made waves half a decade ago when it took the market by storm. This Bubba was different than others. It was extra sparkly, extra gooey and sticky, and a couple tokes sent you straight off into orbit. The Death Bubba had arrived.

The precursor Death was meant to herald its overpowering sleepy effects. Even advanced users were being sent headfirst into soft surfaces without delay. Death Bubba stinks of piney, lemony fuel, and represents a terpene profile now commonly referred to as “gas”.

RockStar Kush

RockStar Kush
RockStar Kush

Genetics: RockStar x Bubba Kush

The same way Death Bubba is famous, RockStar Kush and its sibling RockStar are also high on the popularity list. Also hailing from the west coast of Canada, this strain first became famous in it’s original form: RockStar. This was a combination of two other strains called Rock Bud and Sensi Star. After a massive run of popularity, someone had the excellent idea to cross the RockStar with a Bubba Kush. It may have been a Death Bubba or a Pink Kush, but regardless it certainly made RockStar even kushier.

RockStar Kush stinks of gas, fuel, pine, lemon and earth. This list of smells is enough to make any indica lover jump out of their seat. RockStar strains are potent and hard-hitting, usually with quick-acting effects. For frequent indica users this could be described as a functional high. However, if you don’t smoke often, or don’t indulge in potent indicas often, approach this one with caution.

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