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Even though cannabis has been entirely legalized in Canada, a lot of people still don’t understand what this means. Many are still buying weed or edibles from local dealers that run their products through shady channels.
They are wondering where to buy weed in Toronto. Dash Dub is one of the most reliable weed stores in Toronto that offers offer same-day delivery. Cannabis products, including tinctures, edibles, oils, and other ones, can be ordered by anyone.
The whole process is straightforward, and all our product information is transparent.

How to order weed in Toronto?

Ordering weed from our online store is quite simple. People who want to order simply have to find the Toronto page on the site where you to browse all the products available in Toronto. After finding the right products, consumers only have to choose the weight and amount and add them to their carts.

After adding all the products, they just need to press “order”. To get a weed delivery in Toronto on the same day, customers have to choose local delivery. If customers are ordering outside of Toronto, they can get mail orders.

How to make a mail-order?

When a mail-order has been made, the Dash Dub cannabis Toronto products are immediately shipped. All the orders are shipped via Canada Post, and this guarantees the speed and safety of all packages.

When customers choose the mail option, they instantly see what the shipping costs will be. All shipments can be tracked online by customers. At the same time, Canada Post offers an estimated time of arrival.

Tracking orders

All of the weed delivery in Toronto can be tracked easily. After an order has been made, the buyer gets their unique tracking number. They can use this number on Canada Post’s site to track the order. Buying weeds in Toronto is no different than buying a pair of sneakers.
Consumers no longer have to ask themselves where to by legal weed in Toronto. When ordering from weed stores in Toronto, customers often aren’t home during the arrival of the package. In these situations, their package stays at the nearest post office, where they can pick it up.

Why choose Dash Dub weed delivery in Toronto?

Dash Dub is all about customers and making sure that their needs are fulfilled. Dash Dub works together with some of the best manufacturers, growers, and distributors to deliver the best products possible. All of the products are completely legal, transparent, and tested to provide the best experience possible.

All those who ordered from the Dash Dub store have seen for themselves why this brand is so popular. A lot of customers want their orders to be private, and Dash Dub values their wishes by making sure that the packages look like something else.
Shop Now! See how easy it is to order some of the best cannabis products anywhere in Canada.

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